Connecting the
world of food

Creating a new food system

COVID-19 and the current Corona crisis not only created new problems, it also showed us that our current situation in the food industry needs a rethink – a #NewFoodSystem. That is why Bösch Boden Spies started this new format of a virtual conference – WeFood Future.

  • To Connecting people and companies
  • Getting insights about current challenges and show possible solutions
  • And creating a dialogue with inspiring speakers from global players and fast growing startups

So we gathered our most important food industry partners, who will share more than just their knowledge and expertise .

About last time

  • +4.000 Booked Slots
  • +640 Participants
  • +443 Companies
  • +20 Inspiring speakers
  • +9 challenging topics
  • +15 world leading suppliers
  • +30 1:1 costumer meetings

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