With our upcoming WeFood Future 3.0, we are presenting inspiring speakers and a wide range of trend-setting topics. If you haven’t got a ticket yet, don’t miss the chance to save your free spot and participate to our live discussions with +15 top speakers from +10 global food companies and fast growing food startups.

Day 1 - April 28

A frindly welcome & topic/event overview

Our Cacaofruit applications will make you go boom!

  • Speakers:
    Michaela Jüsche, Dirk Naujoks & Christoph Hensel, Bösch Boden Spies

Change in perspective: classic brands and start-ups in times of crisis

What’s new in the Baked Goods & Cereals world?

  • Speakers:
    Sandra Mumme & Silja Moerker, Bösch Boden Spies

Recap of Day 1

  • Speakers:
    Viviane Alsmeier & Dr. Philipp Stradtmann, Bösch Boden Spies

Day 2 - April 29

Big data and its impact and opportunities for the food industry

Is a plant based future key? Alternatives for a better world? Let’s look at dairy vs meat analogues.

Let us introduce you to the tasty world of functional ingredients. We show how to pimp your snacks with special dips & sauces.

  • Speakers:
    Martijn Bosmans & Kerstin Schwanitz, Bösch Boden Spies

Get latest insights about the reduction of the eco footprint in the food industry

Build trust in a digital food environment

  • Speaker:

Recap of Day 1 and Day 2

  • Speakers:
    Viviane Alsmeier & Dr. Philipp Stradtmann, Bösch Boden Spies