About Cherry Central

The Cherry Central Marketing Cooperative is firmly rooted in the fruit-growing traditions of Traverse City, Michigan. Founded in 1973, when five farmers teamed up to market their sweet-and-sour Montmorency cherries, Cherry Central is now a world leader in the cultivation and processing of sour cherries. Today, the cooperative represents more than 700 dedicated farmers in renowned fruit-growing regions in the USA and Canada. In the mild climate that prevails there, the delicate cherry blossoms make an impressive picture in the countryside each spring. For decades, the cooperative, owned by farmers, has successfully sold the popular red fruit to the food industry all over the world.

Due to the widely dispersed cultivation, Cherry Central can always guarantee a stable supply of ingredients even if there are regional harvest failures. Numerous local processing plants and two state-of-the-art drying plants ensure large production capacities.

In close cooperation with Bösch Boden Spies in Europe, Cherry Central continually develops innovative new products, and invests in maintaining existing customer relationships as well as creating new ones.


  • BBS Partner: since 1981
  • Established: in 1973
  • Headquarter: Traverse City, MI, USA
  • No. of employees: 50 employees, 700 farmers
  • Type of company: Cooperative
  • Sales markets: worldwide

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