On the Way to a

In every crisis there is also a chance to rethink and create something new, going different ways without forgetting were you come from.

COVID-19 has activated the turbo button for numerous existing trends, such as online food shopping, which was previously a niche business. The virus makes consumers in quarantine and home office mode aware of what their food should be like in the future: honestly healthy, sustainable, climate-friendly, but still tasty, varied, and surprising.

We have been part of this ecosystem with our companies for many years and are closely monitoring trends and disruptions.

For this future report we have compiled and contextualized our incumbent and startup views:

  • What changes will progressive digitization bring?
  • What role do food startups play in the food ecosystem, short- and long-term?
  • How are global value chains changing under the influence of COVID-19?
  • In what direction is consumer behaviour changing?

And very important: What happened during the time of coronavirus, and what is here to stay?

The central question for our WeFood Future Report: How can we actively and jointly shape the development path from a food supply organized as a classic value chain, to a significantly more networked, more resilient and more innovative new food system? The journey has only just begun. Come along with us as we share our first impressions and experiences to help every partner in the new food system find their own way.

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